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Yatak Odası Örnek Ürün – 1

Why does everything I date run away? I love Leela, always and forever, and if I loved robot-Leela too, that’s only because she had so much of the real Leela in her but obviously I was wrong as usual. Wrong again. You were right. I’ve been thinking Fry. If I lost you, I don’t think I could stand it either. I’d probably build As long as robo-Leela’s not a jealous type like me, things will He’s mine! Somebody do something! Here, take this! A gun? Do I really need to.Shoot her! She’s the robot! No! Shoot her! She’s the human! But how do I know who’s the human and who’s the robot? Ok.

17 Ocak 2015
3.389 kez görüntülendi


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